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Raise awareness

Beyond listing your organisation, vacancies and events on MyCareerHub we offer a range of additional services to help you raise awareness of what you offer, attract applicants and convert them into outstanding recruits.

We have a range of services aiming to facilitate meaningful interactions between students and employers, and we are open to discussing other ways you have found effective in building your profile.  

For the academic year 2021/22 we will mostly be offering online opportunities to connect you with our students and graduates, but there are some options for having an on-campus presence. Whilst most of our students are with us in-person in Edinburgh this year, there are still limitations in place and these are always subject to change. This is why we are currently advising employers to put most effort into connecting with students and graduates virtually.

Whilst the market for talent is heating up again, uncertainty and changing social restrictions can make it hard for all of us - students, universities and employers - to plan and attend both in-person and online events.  We’re all still learning what kinds of engagement will work and 2022 will be a continuation of that experimentation.  In an environment where there will be many elements vying for the attention of students, it may require us to invest more time and energy to try things out – but we very much want to support you to do that. Only by trying will we all learn together what might work and we thank you for choosing to ride this rollercoaster with us.

STEP 1 We always recommend making sure your organisation and any vacancies and events you want students to know about are listed on MyCareerHub as a first step.

List Your Organisation, Vacancies and Events on MyCareerHub 

STEP 2 Review the options below.

What can I do on-campus?

From our new Careers & Coffee service to in-person panels as part of our Careers in Tech & Data events, find out what your options are to have an on-campus presence.

What can I do online?

From targeted emails to booking prime advertising space, find out what your options are to increase your online presence.

Fairs and Flagship Events

Careers Fairs and panels continue to be one of the most popular ways for students to connect with potential employers. We run several multi-employer events each year to help you connect with students. For the 2021/22 academic year we are focusing again on virtual alternatives to our traditional on-campus fairs.