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For the academic year 2020/21 we will be offering you an entirely virtual programme of opportunities to connect to our students and graduates. With students both on and off campus, and potentially all over the world in various time zones, and for you, potentially working from home or avoiding unnecessary travel, virtual events will ensure accessibility for all.


We have long offered a wide range of ways you can connect to our students and graduates  online and we are happy to support you through accessing these, whether you’re a pro with online delivery or still feeling your way...

For all employers we advise that you create a free profile on our vacancy and events portal, MyCareerHub so that our students and graduates can follow you and browse the events and opportunities you promote. Even if you don’t have current vacancies or events to promote, it is worth creating a profile or checking that your existing profile gives students a good overview of who you are and the kind of opportunities you are likely to offer. 


Advice regarding COVID 19

Advice for external organisations: novel coronavirus (COVID 19) information

We are currently advising all employers to connect with students and graduates virtually and the Careers Service has a range of online services to support you with this, you can find these below. We can help advise you on which event format may work best for you and your target audience.


Create your Employer Profile

Before taking up any of our services we suggest that you create, or update, a profile for your organisaation  on our vacancy and events portal, MyCareerHub so that students and recent graduates are able to find out more about you. Through this portal you can advertise your roles for free to all of our students.

Register on MyCareerHub

Add a logo to your profile

Ensure your profile is eye-catching to students and add your branding to your employer profile on MyCareerHub. Add a logo to your profile for free. 

Email your logo to asking for it to be added


Attend a Careers Fair

Careers fairs continue to be one of the most popular ways for students to connect with potential employers and we can now offer virtual alternatives to help you connect with students.

View our virtual fair alternatives

Send a targeted email:

We understand that employers who recruit for specific skills may want to target specific cohorts of students. We have a targeted emailing service which allows you to target specific groups of students.

Book a targeted email (MyCareerHub login required)


Upgrade to a Featured Employer slot

This service allows you to raise your profile on MyCareerHub and on plasma screens around campus. Promote your opportunity or event to on average over 2,500 (data taken from 2019/20) students a week by being featured on the home page of our jobs portal, MyCareerHub. This service also includes advertising space on over 35 plasma screens across campus. With just two slots available every week for employers it is a great opportunity to raise your profile

Book a Featured Employer slot (MyCareerHub login required)

Hold a skills session with us

Take an active role in developing and upskilling our students, by running an online skills session with us for free. We group these skills sessions under three themes; ‘Understand Yourself Skills Session’, ‘Become professional Skills Session’ and ‘Make it happen Skills Session’. Your choice of skill will fall under one of these themes.

You could focus on skills that have been identified by employers as crucial to the workplace: Managing risks/Resilience; Time management; Negotiation and Influencing; Commercial awareness; Dealing with conflict; Business Communication and Self-awareness - understanding your strengths and values. These themes also complement the University of Edinburgh Graduate Attributes framework. This is an excellent way to connect with students on topics that will really support their development and future success in the workplace.

View the University of Edinburgh Graduate Attributes framework

Alternatively, you could focus the event on the skills required to succeed during the application and recruitment process; video/telephone interviews and mock assessment centre exercises i.e.  e-tray exercises and group discussions.

As well as raising your profile, these sessions could be used to test new recruitment tools and develop your early careers staff.

Get in touch with the team to find out more.


If you are happy running your Skills event on your own platform, we can promote it on MyCareerHub.  If you would like more support with running a session, we can set up a session for you using our Collaborate platform, leaving you free to concentrate on the content you would like to deliver.  We have slots on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 2-3pm. These timings have been chosen to be suitable for different timezones, taking into consideration where some of our students will be based.

Organise your own event

If you are planning an online event that doesn’t fit under one of our 3 Skills Session categories outlined above, you can still use our services. We know employers are offering things like virtual office tours, coffee chats and business games and we’d love to discuss your ideas - so please do keep us informed of your plans.

We recommend checking the dates and times you plan to run events if you want us to help promote them to our students.  If you let us know about an event and it clashes with something else planned, we may not be able to promote it.

 If you would like more support with running a session, we can set up a session for you using our Collaborate platform, leaving you free to concentrate on the content you would like to deliver.  We have slots  on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 2-3pm. These timings have been chosen to be suitable for different timezones, taking into consideration where some of our students will be based.

Social Media

In addition to promoting your opportunities and events through the channels outlined above, we are also keen to share messages on our social media Channels.  The Careers Service has  Twitter, Facebook, and a blog. How can we promote your content on social media?

  • You can Request a Share.  If you are putting out great content on your own social media channels that you would like us to share, just email us a screenshot of  the post you would like us to highlight.  We can share 2 posts per employer, per semester.  Email your screenshot to the Employer Team. 
  • We will be picking a selection of online events to feature in our webinars of the week post on our social media channels.  As long as your event is being advertised on MyCareerHub 10 days in advance of it happening you will be eligible, but we can’t guarantee inclusion.
  • We pick a job of the day to promote on Twitter, and a job of the week on Facebook. These are always roles currently being advertised on MyCareerHub. If you have added a role to MyCareerHub you can nominate yourself for Twitter job of the day or Facebook job of the week but please note that as the number of roles we advertise hugely outweighs the days/weeks in the year, meaning we cannot guarantee inclusion.


Write a guest blog

Give students and graduates some insight into your sector or job role by writing a guest blog piece for our Inform.ed blog describing what it is really like. Get an alum from University of Edinburgh or recent graduate to help write it and give their take on top tips for their peers on getting into the role or industry. We look for 200-400 words and some of the questions you could consider covering are:

  • What is your background? (education/career journey)
  • What does your job look like on a day-to-day basis? What skills do you feel you use from your time at university in your current role (e.g. soft skills, experience from societies etc) and/or how has your degree helped you in your career path?
  • What would you say are the key priorities for your sector right now? What opportunities (roles and skills) do you have across your organisation?
  • What would be your top tips for students and graduates wanting to get a job in your sector?

For more information and to register your interest:

View our Inform.Ed blog


Recruit Brand Ambassadors

Many employers recruit current students to help spread the word about them amongst their peers.  We can advertise these roles for you, and we can provide guidance to the students you recruit on what good practice for student ambassadors looks like.



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