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Careers Week (2021 Date TBC)

Please note

The below information relates to our October 2020 event that was held online. We are still aiming to provide a similar opportunity for you to connect with students and graduates in the academic year 2021/22 and are currently reviewing what this offering will look like.

If you are interested in being added to our mailing list to be kept up to date on booking our Careers Week 2021/22, or any of our other events and services, please email the team to discuss.


Careers Week 2020 brings together a virtual version of our usual flagship Careers Fair with the opportunity to support one of our curated panel sessions and ‘Pitch your Posts’ via video to talented University of Edinburgh students. You have the option to get involved in multiple parts. 

To participate in Careers Week 2020 you must exhibit at our Careers Fair Online on Tuesday 6th OR Wednesday 7th October. 

Why should you exhibit at this fair?

  • Careers Fair is traditionally one of the largest recruitment fairs in Scotland.  In 2020, the two day event will run on a virtual fair platform where you'll be able to interact with students by text or video chat. 

  • Careers Fair Online is open to exhibitors from all sectors and will welcome students and recent graduates from a wide range of disciplines. 

  • It will also welcome students from a wide range of year groups. We expect it to attract final year, penultimate and early year students. Allowing you to uncover talent for your graduate positions, internships and other opportunities. 

[Students were] open minded about their opportunities. Engaged and confident speaking to employers

2019 exhibitor at our event in McEwan Hall

Other ways to get involved in Careers Week 2020

Careers Week Panel Support

You can maximise your exposure to students at Careers Week 2020 by expressing interest in speaking at one of our webinars. 

Speaking on a panel is free of charge and speaker slots will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis as far as possible, but we reserve the right to offer speaker slots to a diverse range of organisations. 

Why do employers not care what I study? (Monday 5th October, 1-2pm) 

  • This panel session aims to open the eyes of students and recent graduates to the wealth of opportunities that they may not have yet considered, and explain why the fact that so many employers don’t mind what students study is a positive thing. It is a great opportunity for employers who recruit from any discipline.  

Do employers really care about diversity (Monday 5th October, 5-6pm) 

  • This panel session aims to recognise the great work undertaken by employers supporting diversity groups in their student and graduate recruitment, and in their workplaces more generally. It is a great opportunity for employers with support initiatives for any of the following diversity groups: Women, LGBT+, Black & Minority Ethnic, Disabled, Trans & Non-Binary 

Graduates Making a Social Impact- Inspiration and tips (Thursday 8th October, 5-6pm) 

  • This panel session aims to  motivate and inspire students who are keen to follow a career path where they feel they are making a positive impact on society. It is a great opportunity for employers in the third sector to share a realistic view of career paths within the sector. 

How does virtual graduate recruitment work? (Friday 9th October, 1-2pm) 

  • This panel session aims to show students what they can expect to experience in 2020 recruitment. It is a great opportunity for employers with tips and tricks for making the most of virtual interviews and recruitment more broadly. 

Express your interest in participating in these sessions by booking to attend Careers Week below.

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"Pitch your Posts" videos

You can also promote your organisation during Careers Week 2020 by submitting a video that pitches your posts to our students and recent graduates. 

Create a 3 minute lightning talk that briefly introduces your organisation and encourages students to apply to your organisation. Three minutes, three slides, three questions – go! 

  • Why do you target University of Edinburgh Students?  

  • Why should I apply?  

  • What next? – This can be anything from application top tips to inviting students to other events you have planned. 

These videos will be shared on our social media and website and is your opportunity to highlight what you are looking for in candidates and give insights into your organisation or sector more broadly. 

About the Fair

When: Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th October 2020 - 11:00am - 4:00pm

Venue: Online

Cost:  £195 + VAT (for EITHER Tuesday 6th OR Wednesday 7th October)

We do not want price to be barrier, if your business has been badly affected by COVID 19 or you are unable to afford £195 + VAT for another reason, please get in touch with our team.


Our priority is to facilitate positive connections between recruiting organisations and University of Edinburgh students and graduates. 

2021 date TBC

How do I book?

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Careers Week (2021 Date TBC)

The University of Edinburgh Careers Fair is traditionally one of the largest recruitment fairs in Scotland. In 2020, the event will run on a virtual fair platform on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th October, as part of our Careers Week. Careers Week offers a variety of ways for employers from all sectors to connect with students from a wide range of disciplines.