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More ways to prepare

Prepare for aptitude tests by using these resources, in addition to our practice tests.

Additional resources

We have books of practice tests to borrow on overnight loan. Most titles are also available to use as reference copies in the Careers Service.


The numeracy refresher booklet - is available online from The Maths Centre to refresh your numeracy skills if it’s some time since you used them.

Numeracy Refresher Booklet

Practice tests from other providers

SHL - widely used by UK graduate employers. Includes background information on tests and testing procedure, and sample questions for both personality and ability tests. You will need to register (free) to then access longer practice questions.


Cubiks online assessment - links to sample verbal and numerical practice tests for both graduate and managerial level.

Cubiks online assessment

EY have a couple of example strengths assessment questions available on their website which gives a helpful insight into situational judgement tests.

EY Strengths Assessment

Fast Stream - The Civil Service Fast Stream website contains a practice group exercise and a practice analysis exercise. Simply expand the "Are there any practice exercises? "under the Assessment Centre and Final Selection heading.

Fast Stream

Graduates First - enables you to practice a free verbal, numerical or logical reasoning test and receive feedback. You will need to sign up initially for access to these tests. The website also has useful explanations of the different types of tests employers use and YouTube videos working through percentages and ratios.

Graduates First

Hogan Lovells - includes practice questions based on the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test, which is designed to find out how well people can reason analytically and logically.

Hogan Lovells

Job Test Prep - has free practice tests including verbal, numerical, inductive and situational judgment.

Job Test Prep

Linklaters - provide a practice critical thinking test based on the Watson Glaser model.


Practice Aptitude Tests - a collection of verbal, numerical and diagrammatic reasoning tests that you can practice under timed conditions, for free. Solutions and explanations are provided too.

Practice Aptitude Tests

Procter & Gamble - have a reasoning test (available in a variety of languages) which includes numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning.

Procter & Gamble - has sixteen free practice tests that you can download as PDFs, including numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning tests.

Psychometrics Inc - details of the Berger Aptitude for Programming Test (B-APT), a work sample test commonly used for IT programming aptitude.

Psychometrics Inc

PwC Psychometric e-Learn - online module which has been designed to give an insight into psychometric testing, explains how these tests are scored and gives suggestions of how students can prepare for different types of tests. Includes practice numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning tests with answers.

PwC Psychometric e-Learn

Quant puzzles - these puzzles (with worked answers) are not specifically put together for preparing for tests but they are useful for anyone looking to work on using numerical ability and logic to solve problems.

Quant puzzles

Saville Consulting - provides advice and also includes a range of downloadable preparation aptitude test guides with practice questions.

Saville Consulting

Talent Q - has verbal, numerical and logical practice tests. Free to use but registration is required.

Talent Q

UCAT  - provides information on the format of the UCAT test and includes practice questions.


Personality questionnaires

Keirsey Temperament Tests - allows you to take a free online personality questionnaire and provides feedback based on the Keirsey Temperament categories.

Keirsey Temperament Tests

Team Technology - Free online personality test (Myers-Briggs) with feedback.

Team Technology


TargetJobs - information and advice on psychometric tests and links to some practice tests.


Prospects - covers aptitude tests and personality questionnaires, including online and self-assessment tests.