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UofE Physics Careers blog

Follow this for news and advice specifically for physicists.

UofE Physics Careers blog

Using your Physics degree

Job options and further resources relating to Physics. 

What can I do with my degree: Physics

Your future with Physics: Career directions produced by the Institute of Physics - written by physicists for physicists!

28 days 28 physicists  -  pdf with "day in the life" studies contributed by physicists in a wide variety of roles. See the back page infographic for even more ideas. Produced by the Insitute of Physics in Ireland.

A-Z of Careers in Physics - pdf produced by the South East Physics Network.

Scientific research, analysis and support 

Career options outside the lab

Not interested in research? Explore alternative careers in science.

Using your science outside the lab

Other career options 

Want to explore furthe? Many job opportunities are open to graduates of any degree. Explore those options here. 

Options with a degree

Browse information about different jobs and sectors, including job profiles and where to find vacancies, on our Occupations pages.


Destinations of graduates 

What have other students of Physics done after graduation? 

Physics destinations 

Further information for postgraduates

Additional resources for postgraduate students.

Information for postgraduates