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Using your Divinity degree

Find out where a degree in Divinity may take you.

What can I do with my degree: Theology and Religious Studies

Many job opportunities are open to graduates of any degree. The skills you develop during your Divinity studies will be valued by employers in may different sectors and types of work. Explore those options here. 

Options with a degree

The following sectors are examples of some which have been of particular interest to students of this School - but there are many more possibilities.

Charities and Voluntary organisations 


Social, guidance and community work

Browse information about different jobs and sectors, including job profiles and where to find vacancies, on our Occupations pages. See what interests you.


Destinations of graduates 

What have other students of Divinity done after graduation

Divinity destinations

Further information for postgraduates

Additional resources for postgraduate students.

Information for postgraduates