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What skills have I gained?

Not sure what you've got to offer? Here you'll find advice to help you figure out what skills you've gained from your degree

Getting started

You’ve gained a wide range of skills from your degree but sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly what you’ve got to offer.

A good starting point is to look at the Graduate Prospects “What can I do with my degree?” leaflet as this has advice on the skills you’ve developed by studying Biology.

Graduate Prospects: What can I do with my degree? Biology

The ‘Next steps after a Biosciences degree’ leaflet, produced by the Royal Society of Biology, also has some useful advice on identifying your skills (pages 12 – 17).

Next steps: options after a Biosciences degree

Some questions to get you thinking about your skills

  • What aspects of your degree have gone well? Think about all the different things you've done here, for example lectures, tutorials, presentations, group work and your dissertation
  • What things have you found challenging? How did you cope with the challenges?
  • In group activities what role did you take on and how much did you contribute?
  • What skills do you think you've developed in your degree and how? Try to think of some specific examples for each skill
  • Have you learned anything else? For example if you were starting your degree again is there anything you'd do differently?
  • Can you identify any areas for your development (weaknesses) and things you'd like to improve?

Ask the same questions of your other experiences, such as work experience, society involvement or your hobbies/interests.

Try some reflective exercises

It is helpful to undertake reflective exercises to help you consider your own skills and strengths.

Try the reflective toolkit produced by the University of Edinburgh’s Employability Consultancy for some ideas of activities to help you reflect on your skills

Reflector’s Toolkit: Reflecting for self-awareness

There are also a variety of Career Assessments available on MyCareerHub, enabling you to conduct short, interactive assessments on a variety of areas, including strengths, decision-making and resilience.

Career Assessments on MyCareerHub