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Deanery of Biomedical Sciences

Information for students in the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences.

I don't know where to start

It's OK if you don't know where to start, we're here to help and you'll find lots of suggestions to get you going on this page

Where can I find jobs and work experience?

Advice on how to find jobs including graduate jobs, internships, work/research experience, and part time jobs, including jobs relating to Biomedical Sciences.

What can I do with my degree?

Advice on what you can do with your Biomedical Sciences degree including graduate case studies, options related to your degree subject and more

I need more help

How to get more help from your Careers Service including details of our drop-in service and how to book an appointment

What skills have I gained?

Not sure what you've got to offer? Here you'll find advice to help you figure out what skills you've gained from your degree


Organisations and professional bodies relating to the study of Biomedical Sciences

Graduate Profiles

Find out about the varied career paths of previous graduates.