Careers Service

Careers Consultant caseloads

While our Careers Consultants have school-based caseloads, all are experienced at working with a range of students and graduates. You can make an appointment with any Consultant.

College of Humanities and Social Science

School Consultant
Business School Steve Norman
Divinity Kirsti Ferrier
Economics Lyn Kane
Edinburgh College of Art Gina Black
Moray House School of Education & Sport Suzanne Agnew
Health in Social Science (HISS) Jennifer Steven
History, Classics and Archaeology Lyn Kane
Law Kay Barbour
Literature, Languages and Culture Kirsti Ferrier

Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences (PPLS)

Rebecca Valentine

Social and Political Science

Jennifer Steven

College of Science and Engineering

School Consultant
Biological Sciences Rachel Taylor (on maternity leave)
Chemistry Deborah Fowlis


Chemical Engineering

Matt Vickers

Deborah Fowlis

Geosciences Sarah Innes
Informatics Steve Norman
Maths Matt Vickers
Physics Susan Bird

College of Medicine and Vet Medicine

School Consultant
Medicine Susan Bird
Vet Medicine Susan Bird
Biomedical Science Carol Macdonald