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Before you book your appointment

We encourage you to make full use of resources as they will often give you the answers you need. If you would still like to book an appointment, check out the relevant resources below and follow our advice – this will ensure you make the most of your appointment with the consultant.

Not sure where to start?

We have a wide range of resources covering career planning and decision making.  Start with one or two resources to help focus your search:

Our resources on career planning


Watch our quick guide to CVs to help you draft your CV:

Quick guide to CVs

Take a look at our useful resources on CVs:

Useful resources on CVs

  • Ensure your CV is a maximum of 2 pages (academic CVs are the exception) and includes main sections (e.g. education, work experience, extra-curricular activities, positions of responsibility)
  • Identify the relevant skills you have gained from any work experience, volunteering or other interests
  • Remove outdated or irrelevant information (e.g. school work experience)

Cover letters

Watch our quick guide to cover letters (which includes examples) to help you draft your cover letter:

Quick guide to cover letters

Take a look at our useful resources on cover letters:

Useful resources

  • Cover the essentials: why this job, why this company, why you
  • Use evidence and examples to support your claims
  • Set it out like a business letter and keep to 1 page of A4

Application forms

Watch our quick guide to help you draft your application:

Quick guide to applications

Take a look at our useful resources on applications:

Useful resources on applications

  • It takes time to produce a good application form, so don't apply for too many roles
  • Target and tailor your application - employers still say they receive too many generic "cut and paste" application forms
  • Try to find a range of examples from your experience to demonstrate your competencies - don't rely on just one source