Careers Service

Why do it?

Find out why you should take part in the Edinburgh Award (Enterprise) and its benefits for you.

The Edinburgh Award (Enterprise) is offered in partnership by Launch.ed and the Careers Service, and is designed to recognise your engagement with and commitment to entrepreneurship without creating large amounts of additional work over and above that engagement.

The Award aims to help you:

  • identify the skills you have;
  • work on those you want to develop further;
  • better articulate those skills in the future.

It also gives you an opportunity to network with and learn from business professionals, as well as with other students engaging in entrepreneurship. And, as well as adding something to your CV, it supports you in developing your business plan.


What do you get from the Award?

The Award is an invaluable way in which to develop both your entrepreneurial skills and your employability. Participants will benefit from the following:

  • Access to specifically tailored career planning and personal development resources.
  • Support from staff to help you identify and develop your skills.
  • The Edinburgh Award will appear on your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) when you graduate.


What our students say

The opportunity to meet and interact with other entrepreneurial students here at the University and to learn from their experiences has been invaluable

Jack McMillan, Edinburgh Award (Enterprise) 2017