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Applications for this Award are now closed.

Who is this Award for?

The Edinburgh Award (Enterprise) is aimed at students developing an idea for a social enterprise or commercial start-up. You will need to be already engaging, or intending to engage with Launch.ed. Having 1-2-1 appointments with a Launch.ed business advisor is an integral part of the Award. To find out more about Launch.ed and the services and activities they offer, click here.

Meeting the Award Criteria

We know that students have very busy lives, so the Award does not require you to do much more than you are already doing by engaging in entrepreneurial activity.

But, you do need to be prepared to think a bit more and a little differently about what you are doing in developing your entrepreneurial skills and ambitions. The Award is not for the success of your entrepreneurial activity, but for developing your capacity to reflect on and learn from your experiences.

The Award will run from October 2018 to mid-March 2019. To achieve the Award, you must be able to attend the following personal development sessions:

  • Thursday 18 October 2018, 17.30-19.30
  • Thursday 24 January 2019, 17.30-19.30
  • Thursday 21 March 2019, 17.30-19.30

You MUST be able to attend all of the above sessions.

Frequently asked questions:
I can’t attend one or more of the sessions: can I still participate?

Unfortunately not. Attendance at all of the sessions is compulsory, so you must be sure you can attend all sessions when you sign up. The Award is not designed to measure or validate your enterprise activity as such; it is a developmental process intended to increase your self-awareness and ability to reflect on and improve your skills. It's therefore important that you attend the sessions to fully engage with that process and to get the full benefits of meeting and working with like-minded students.

Will this take up a lot of time?

Alongside attending the sessions and completing the assessments attached to the Edinburgh Award (approx. 9-12 hours), you are required to demonstrate 50+ hours of engagement in enterprise-related activities. This can include working on a business plan, working with LAUNCH.ed advisers, attending workshops and bootcamps, amongst other activities. The Award is aimed at recognising the efforts of students who would be doing these activities anyway and is not intended to create lots of extra work.

Do I already have to be running a business?

No! But you might be! Students on previous Enterprise Awards have been at all different stages, from early-stage development of an idea to actually running a business. The Award is designed to be of most benefit to students at an earlier stage of development.

I don’t have a business plan: can I still do this?

Yes, you can. It’s enough to have an early stage idea that you want to work on. You will be asked to outline your idea on the application form. You do need to have at least an idea – in our experience, if you're not yet at that stage, it can be difficult to meet the requirements of the Award.

Can a team take part?

The Award activities are undertaken as an individual. Students working on the same idea or business can participate if they wish (and this has happened before), but they do so as separate individuals. Past participants who have been working together on a business idea have found some of the reflective activities especially beneficial to their team-working.


How to Apply

Applications for this Award are now closed.

If you have any questions, then please contact us.