Careers Service

Our vision, mission and values

The Careers Service vision, mission and values


Our vision is to make a meaningful contribution to the experience of every University of Edinburgh student, inspiring and empowering them to be the best they can be, to fully develop their potential and to achieve satisfying and rewarding futures.


Our mission is to make the Careers Service an essential part of the wider student experience by offering world-class careers and personal development that is highly regarded and fully integrated within the University, and meaningful and relevant to every student, of every discipline, at every stage of their degree course.

We will work in close collaboration with our schools and support services, and with our employer partners and professional networks, making effective connections and keeping our finger on the pulse of graduate opportunities and choices.

We will be adaptable, responsible and innovative in our approach, consistently delivering initiatives and events that are appealing and accessible to students and relevant to the demands of the professional world, today and tomorrow.

We will provide students with the tools, resources and experiences they need to make informed choices about their futures, empowering them to reflect on their university experience, develop their skills and personal attributes, and understand how to market these and interact confidently in a working environment.

In everything we do, we will aim to open students’ eyes to the wealth of possibilities ahead of them, while at university and after graduation, helping them to explore new avenues, tap into their talents and build upon their employability with confidence and enthusiasm.


These are the attributes that we value most highly. They are central to the way that we work and embedded in our culture: Integration; Collaboration; Innovation; Empowerment; Inspiration.

Commitment to sustainability

We are committed to social responsibility and sustainability, this includes supporting the University’s Climate Strategy through our working practices:

  • Participating in the University’s Sustainability Awards programme. We currently hold a Bronze Office Award and we are working towards a Silver Award.
  • Discussing sustainability issues within teams and within the wider Service, to explore how we can contribute to the social responsibility and sustainability of the University of Edinburgh.
  • Supporting and encouraging staff to develop and engage with initiatives related to social responsibility and sustainability.  This builds on the sustainability training which is integrated into all staff induction programmes.
  • Following our policies/procedures on paper reduction, business and visitor travel procedure and resource management in order to improve resource efficiency.
  • Providing a range of events and opportunities for students to explore and develop careers within social responsibility and sustainability

Fair use policy

We operate a fair use policy which tells you what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.  You can download this here:

University of Edinburgh Carees Service Matrix accreditation