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Our appointment system and Fair Use policy

How we offer appointments, and how you can help to make this system work for everyone

You can use your appointment to discuss your plans, or start making them, to weigh up your options or get feedback on an application. To get the most from your time, we ask you to make use of  our comprehensive range of resources before your appointment. See any Careers Consultant or look for an appointment with the Consultant linked to your School – it's up to you.   

We operate in accordance with our Fair Use policy and ask you to follow it too.  

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Our 1:1 advice and guidance services 

  • Appointments (up to 1 in a 14-day period) 

    • Bookings open 48 hours in advance 

    • Up to 30 minutes long 

  • School Consultant appointments – all School Consultants also offer appointments within their School. Watch out for communications about these from your School Consultant. 

Find your School Consultant (Careers Consultants)

  • Practice interviews (up to 2 each year) 

    • Bookings open 21 days in advance 

    • Up to 45 minutes long