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Opening hours and contact details

Details of our opening hours and how to contact us

Spring vacation

During Spring vacation we will close at 4.45pm on Tuesdays.

Semester hours



Central Area Office

3rd floor, Main Library Building

King's Buildings Office

Murchison House, 10 Max Born Crescent

Monday 9.15am - 4.45pm 9.15am - 4.45pm
Tuesday 11.00am - 6.45pm 11.00am - 4.45pm
Wednesday 9.15am - 4.45pm 9.15am - 4.45pm
Thursday 9.15am - 4.45pm 9.15am - 4.45pm
Friday 9.15am - 4.45pm 9.15am - 4.45pm


Central Area

3rd Floor, Main Library Building, George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9LJ                Tel: 0131 650 4670

Central Area Map including Main Library Building

You must have a reference card to gain access to the Main Library Building after your course finishes.

Click here to apply for a reference card

King's Buildings

Ground Floor, Murchison House, 10 Max Born Crescent, Edinburgh, EH9 3BF           Tel: 0131 650 5773

King's Buildings map

Travel between our offices

During semester the shuttle bus allows students free travel between King’s Buildings and George Square.  For cycle and walking routes, and access to the shuttle bus timetable,  use the University’s transport pages. 

Transport pages

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