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Impact of COVID-19 on student and graduate careers - latest updates

Keep in touch with the latest developments in the current situation regarding student and graduate recruitment and employment by reading our regular latest update.

Latest update: 26 May 2020

We know many students are concerned about a reduction in opportunities to do internships or other work experience this summer. While some employers are taking steps to enable internships to take place remotely, for some it isn’t feasible to do this and they are postponing them.  For those students who had an offer of an internship which has been cancelled, maintain a positive relationship with the organisation by checking your emails from them and responding to any communication – they may well seek to offer you a different kind of experience later on.

For all students looking for experience this summer:

  • First and foremost, remember that employers know that everyone’s plans have changed. If you can’t find the kind of experience you were hoping to get, this won’t reflect on you.
  • Vacancies are still being advertised on MyCareerHub, so keep checking. There are also new sites forming to advertise jobs that are being created as a response to Covid19.  Those students in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas can check  - and we’ve put further advice on getting work experience on our blog.
  • Make the most of the support the Careers Service offers before applying. You can use CV360 to get instant feedback on your CV, check out our advice on application forms on our website, and book an appointment to speak to one of our Careers Consultants.

We are available throughout the summer to help you with finding work, applying for work or study, thinking about your options – whatever year you are in, including when you have graduated. We’ll be updating final year students via email soon on the package of support we have available for you, and you can also keep an eye on our social media and website.