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Dr Zoi Michailidou

ESAT Fellow

Zoi Michailidou
Dr Zoi Michailidou


My research focuses on the role of oxygen sensing and hypoxia signalling pathway in adipocytes in models of obesity. Hypoxia and the HIF system are implicated in the metabolic dysfunction of obesity. I have shown that adipocyte HIF regulates 2 key adipose functions (1)  fat cell lipid storage/release (Michailidou et al, 2015 Diabetes) and (2) blood vessel growth in fat tissue (Michailidou et al, 2012 JBC, 2015 Diabetes). My ongoing research seeks to identify how hypoxia-induced metabolic reprogramming of adipocytes can be targeted in obesity and obesity related pathologies. 

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Willingness to take PhD Students: Yes