Centre for Cardiovascular Science


Information on research activities in the Centre for Cardiovascular Science, University of Edinburgh

Cardiovascular disease is a major health problem, encapsulating a range of conditions including myocardial infarction (heart attacks), coronary heart disease, arterial thrombosis (artery blood clots), peripheral artery disease, stroke, and angina (chest pain). A major underlying cause of cardiovascular disease is artherosclerosis and subsequent tissue ischaemia, which may be associated with conditions such as obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, hypertension and high cholesterol.

Research in the CVS is investigator-led, CVS has 49 principal investigators leading research across four themes: 

The technologies employed within CVS span basic molecular and cell biology, to model organisms (flies, fish, rodents), to clinical trials.

The ethos in the CVS is that, whatever their background, investigators can use our network of collaboration and training to deliver fundamental discoveries and implement them in translational research.

Main Research Themes

Information on the research goals, projects, and principal investigators within each of the four CVS research themes (MOD, HART, CINEMA, and Coronary and Valvular Heart Disease)

Preventing deaths from poisoning

Professor Michael Eddleston's research to prevent deaths from poisoning

BHF Centres

CVS supports two British Heart Foundation centres: the BHF Centre of Research Excellence and the BHF Centre for Vascular Regeneration

Research Ethics & Integrity

Our centre's research ethics & integrity policy

Mass Spectrometry Core Facility

We are an expert bioanalytical research facility for the analysis of clinical and biological samples by mass spectrometry

Biomarker Lab

A new biomarker analysis resource for clinical research