NIHR RIGHT4: Preventing Deaths from Acute Poisoning in Low-and Middle-Income Countries

Global Research Academy for Clinical Toxicology

An academic training programme to develop and train the clinical toxicology researchers of the future.

The academy is a virtual centre for research. Early career researchers looking to advance their expertise are encouraged to apply. Successful candidates will be matched up with mentors from institutions collaborating in this project and others from around the world.

Our vision is to improve clinical care of patients with acute poisoning in low and middle-income countries (LMIC) by substantially expanding LMIC research capacity and creating a global focus for clinical toxicology research.

The academy offers flexibility, advice, and mentorship regardless of discipline or background.


Aim and Objectives

We aim to foster and deliver interdisciplinary research addressing unintentional poisoning and emergency care in LMIC.

  • Build research capacity in LMIC in clinical toxicology
  • Foster multidisciplinary collaboration in clinical medical sciences, social sciences, education and policy development
  • Develop robust programmes for ongoing professional development across different disciplines
  • Influence policy and evidence-based medicine 


Application Process

Application for entry into this virtual academy is open to all individuals with a passion for research in this field, regardless of their research background.

Those who are successful, following a competitive interview, will be part of a cohort of future research leaders who will benefit from training, career mentoring, and support for further training such as masters’ programmes and PhDs in the field of LMIC poisoning. 

The training opportunities will be tailored to the career development needs of each member of the academy. Mentoring will be provided by the experienced international research programme team.

We will encourage esprit de corps, open interchange of ideas and academic visions between the members of this new academy to foster the collaborative research skills essential to tackle the challenges of poisoning in LMICs.


Flow chart showing application process for the Global Academy for Clinical Toxicology



The Academy offers some initial opportunities through the institutions collaborating in this project worldwide. The table below illustrate some of the initial opportunities:


Institution Programmes Grade Duration
University of Edinburgh Online MSc on Clinical Trials MSc 2 years
Universities in LMIC PhDs PhD 3 years



Funding for the Academy comes from the project's NIHR RIGHT4 grant.  The Academy will cover institution fees and some research costs for MScs and PhDs. The Academy will cover a limited number of registration fees for individuals from LMIC accepted on the training days at MENATOX and APAMT.

Individuals accepted in the academy research programmes will be expected to find additional funding to cover their travel cost, insurance and living expenses for the duration of their studies.

Other sources of funding will be considered (e.g. Commonwealth, Chevening), as well as the applicants own country scholarships.


Information for Candidates

Applications may be submitted throughout the year; however, submissions will be considered in one of the three rounds held each year.

We are now welcoming applications for the first round of 2024, the deadline for applications is the 15th March 2024. 

Download our information sheet to find out more about eligibility and the application process.




If you are interest in submitting an application, please get in touch first:

Dr Raul Pardinaz-Solis

Centre Manager

Contact details