Centre for Cardiovascular Science

PhD and Masters Training

PhD and MSc programmes linked to the Centre for Cardiovascular Science

The Centre has about 80 students registered on postgraduate programmes. 

We offer postgraduates the opportunity to work within internationally leading research programmes addressing fundamental development and control of the cardiovascular system and the origins and consequences of cardiovascular disease. The work extends from basic laboratory research through to clinical studies. The Centre has an excellent track record for training provision to basic scientists and clinicians. Trainees on our programmes receive direct support from at least two academic advisers during their studies and a dedicated thesis committee provides guidance throughout the programme of research. In addition to research training, the Centre supports an active seminar series and a forum for presentation of research in progress.

Training in research in the Centre for Cardiovascular Science is linked into several major MSc and Doctoral Programmes at the University of Edinburgh.

Cardiovascular Programmes

We offer the following programmes:

These programmes do not carry allocated studentships and students must have the agreement of a supervising PI and a clear route to funding  including potential visas, established before applying online. Fee waivers for international and EU prospective PhD students may be available on a per scheme basis and this should be determined in advance of application

This programme has a single entry in September. Students are not required to define a project/PI as these are selected on arrival. Funding and any relevant visas must be established before applying.

Informal enquires about the PhD Programme should be directed to Prof Nik Morton nik.morton@ed.ac.uk. Informal enquiries about the MScR Programme should be directed to Dr Laura Denby laura.denby@ed.ac.uk.

BHF 4-Year PhD Programme

Our flagship British Heart Foundation 4-Year PhD Programme (renewed to support 4 full studentships per year from 2021-2024) supports research embedded in the 4 major Research Themes and cross-cutting Themes of Data Driven Innovation and Translation.

Four 4Y PhD studentships are currently available for intake in September 2021.

The 4Y BHF PhD programme consists of a 1-year MSc by research (MScR) where three 12-week laboratory/data science rotation projects are complemented by expert assessed teaching modules, oral and poster presentations and a final project proposal.  Opportunities to gain formally recognised research experience in outreach, bioinformatics, entrepreneurship, laboratory-based or other skills (through Student led-individually created courses) will be available to exceptionally motivated candidates. There may also be opportunities for international research experience (EU and beyond) with our collaborative partners in the Masters year.

Candidates for this competitive programme should apply through the University of Edinburgh 4Y PhD in Cardiovascular Science link. We champion equality, diversity and inclusion principles and welcome applications from black, ethnic minority and other under-represented groups.

Applications for 2021 close on 31 March, with short-listing and interview expected at the end of April 2021. Please feel free to reach out with any questions in the meantime.

Informal enquires about the PhD Programme should be directed to Prof Nik Morton nik.morton@ed.ac.uk.

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Other key Doctoral training programmes available through CVS

We also have a strong representation of our cardiovascular science in a number of other high profile Doctoral Training Programmes available at the University of Edinburgh. Details about those Programmes can be found through the links below.

Candidates interested in exploring a PhD in Cardiovascular Science through these alternative routes should contact the programme lead through the link below and the Principal Investigators in CVS in the research area and Theme they find most relevant.

Informal and general enquires about these options can be sent to the CVS Director of Post Graduate Research, Prof Nik Morton nik.morton@ed.ac.uk