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Training the next generation of cancer scientists and clinicians.

At the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre, you will be joining a scientific network of cancer researchers and clinicians and multidisciplinary experts across the University with whom we collaborate. We are committed to advancing translational discoveries that can bring better and earlier treatment for cancer patients.

We have robust programmes in place to support our students through their academic journey. The Centre has excellent training programmes for both clinical and non-clinical CRUK PhD students. For the latter,  this is supported by the IGMM Graduate School, which links to the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (CMVM) Postgraduate Studies Committee (PGSC). This is chaired by the Director of Post-Graduate Studies (Professor Philippa Saunders), who has overall responsibility for student training, implementation of the University’s processes and best practice in monitoring and mentoring. Assessments are carried out by student-specific, carefully selected, thesis committees, which remain with the student throughout their PhD course. The committees are made up of supervisors, an external member (with particular expertise relating to the project) and an experienced Chair. In addition, the University supports the development of transferable and generic research skills, and offers careers guidance.  The students also have a thriving Post Graduate Society (POGS) that organises lunchtime speakers, conferences, poster sessions, social events and an annual scientific retreat. The Centre has its own Post-Graduate training lead, Professor Val Brunton, who works closely with other IGMM PhD training leads.

The CRUK-funded Clinical PhD Fellowships are closely aligned with the renowned Edinburgh Clinical Academic Training (ECAT) scheme. This is unique within the UK and delivers “run-through” training for the highest calibre of young academic clinicians from the second year of speciality training (ST2) to the attainment of certificate for the completion of training (CCT). As a result we have been very successful in attracting excellent candidates. The ECAT scheme has 2 Co-Directors (Professor Moira Whyte, Head of Medical School and Professor Andrew Jackson based at IGMM) and a number of Associate Directors representing different Centres across Edinburgh (Professor Charlie Gourley on behalf of the CRUK Edinburgh Centre).

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