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Alexander von Kriegsheim

Network Biology and Proteomics

Alexander von Kriegsheim
Dr Alexander von Kriegsheim - HTPU and Mass Spectrometry Facility Manager

Research in a Nutshell

My research group aims to identify potential weaknesses in the otherwise robust signalling networks of cancer cells which can be exploited for therapeutic intervention. We specifically focus on the initiating events in cancer establishment as well as the events triggering the spread of cancer throughout the body.

We commonly use mass spectrometry methods, such as interaction, expression, exosome/secretion and PTM proteomics to initially generate signalling networks. Subsequently we use this integrated information to generate new and testable hypotheses. This unbiased data which we use in combination with mathematical modelling can explain unintuitive cellular behaviours. Currently, we are focusing on how hydoxylations can regulate tumour initiation and how the modification by ISG15, a small ubiquitin-like protein modifier, promotes tumour cell invasion and metastasis.

In addition, we collaborate with groups worldwide and across all disciplines which require accurate and quantitative mass spectrometry data sets to further their research.


Research Programme 

Alexander Von Kriegsheim Lab shot


Alexander von Kriegsheim

Group Leader

Jair Marques Junior Lab Manager
Agata Makar Post-doctoral Research Associate
Chinmayi Pednekar Mass Spectrometry Research Officer
Najib Abualetham PhD Student
Chartinun Chutoe PhD Student
Abu Zaid Khan PhD Student
Mab Habeeb PhD Student
Haya Al Siyabi PhD Student
Manal Alharbi PhD Student




  • Cormac Taylor (UCD Dublin)
  • Boris Kholodenko (Systems Biology Ireland)

Partners and Funders

  • Breast Cancer NOW/project/2014-2018/190,000
  • Wellcome Trust/ISSF2/2016/70,000
  • Carnegie Trust

Scientific Themes

Hypoxia signalling, ISG15 regulated networks, cell migration and invasion

Technology Expertise

Mass spectrometry, systems biology, signalling network biology