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Lesley Stark

NF-kB - Nucleolar Signalling

Professor Lesley Stark
Professor Lesley Stark

Research in a Nutshell 

Aspirin and related agents can prevent colon and other cancer types. However, these agents cannot be given to people to prevent cancer as they have toxic side effects. The aim of my research is to identify the molecules in the cell that are changed by these agents that are critical for their effects against tumour cells. Identifying these molecules  will enable us to design new drugs that minic the effects of aspirin without the side effects. One molecule we are particulary interested in is NF-kB. This is very important to the growth and death of cells. We are also interested in a compartment of the cell called the nucleolus which has been identified as a good target for anti-cancer agents.


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Lesley Stark Principal Investigator
Jingyu Chen PhD Student