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Edinburgh Brain Cancer

The University of Edinburgh has one of the largest groupings of brain tumour researchers in the UK.

At the University of Edinburgh we have internationally recognised strengths in cancer research, genetics, stem cell biology and neuroscience.

Together with a significant new crop of young brain tumour researchers, we are well placed to make much needed advances in the field.

Our research

Researcher working in the lab
We have a rich community of scientists working in related areas, such as developmental biology, neuroregeneration, neural stem cell biology and glial biology.

Cancer Research UK Brain Cancer Accelerator Award

Brain cancer stem cells stained with stem cell marker nesting and key regulator Sox2
Cancer Research UK has recently invested £3.7M in a new infrastructure project to support brain cancer research across the UK.

Latest news

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Read about the latest news from the field of brain cancer research.

Support us

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Donations directly help our researchers to develop new treatments and improve care for patients with brain tumours.