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Jonine Figueroa (Affiliate)

Molecular Epidemiology of Cancer

Research in a Nutshell

Jonine Figueroa
Dr Jonine Figueroa - Principal Investigator, Chancellor’s Fellow

Increasing advances of high-throughput genomic technologies are allowing better interrogation of the molecular basis of cancer. Through my affiliations with the CRUK Edinburgh Centre and the Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics, my research program aims to clarify the interplay of genes and the environment leading to cancer, with the goal of identifying susceptible populations, with particular emphasis on breast and bladder cancer. Using detailed analyses in case-control, cohort and large consortium epidemiology studies across the globe, I have illustrated the value of integrating genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors, with benign and tumour marker data, to gain insights into cancer aetiology (e.g. Figueroa et al., JNCI 2014 and 2016). Having recently moved to UK, I aim to apply my expertise in molecular epidemiology to the unique and well curated population-based electronic medical records data in Scotland, and develop high-dimensional omics datasets, including imaging and biological specimen data, to further our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of disease, to better prevent, diagnose and treat cancer in the UK and worldwide.


Jonine Figueroa

Principal Investigator, Chancellor’s Fellow




  • Professor Mark Arends, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor David Cameron, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Sheila Bird, MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge
  • Professor Douglas Easton, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Andrew Evans, University of Dundee
  • Gretchen Gierach, National Cancer Institute, USA
  • Professor Per Hall, Karolinska Institute
  • Nick Polydorides, University of Edinburgh
  • Andy Sims, University of Edinburgh
  • Sarah Vinnicombe, University of Dundee

Partners and Funders

  • Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland
  • MRC Proximity to Discovery Fund
  • Wellcome Trust Seed Award

Scientific Themes

genetic epidemiology, biomarkers, breast cancer, molecular pathology, bladder cancer, imaging