Edinburgh Cancer Research

Larry Hayward

Sarcoma and Breast Cancer

Dr Larry Hayward graduated in biochemistry and subsequently as a medical doctor with Honours from Edinburgh University in 1989 having won several undergraduate distinction awards. He then went on to successfully complete a PhD in 1995 at the University in Edinburgh. Larry progressed through his medical training in Edinburgh and has held 2 CRUK research fellowships during his medical career. Currently, he is a consultant medical oncologist at the Western General Hospital specialising in breast cancer and sarcoma.

Larry has published a number of research papers and has an excellent track record in sarcoma and breast cancer clinical trials demonstrating his commitment to clinical research. During 5 years as an NHS consultant (without protected research time) he has been local principal investigator on over 20 studies and recruited to many others led by colleagues, contributing his share to the total of ~1400 breast and sarcoma team patients in follow up in trials presently. Larry is co- or deputy chief investigator on one current and one future UK CRUK funded, NCRN badged multi-centre breast cancer neoadjuvant trial (Artemis and ROSCO).

In addition, Larry holds a NRS Career Researcher Award which aims to improve access to and performance of sarcoma clinical trials and related translational research studies in Scotland, by harnessing to the purposes of sarcoma clinical research the collaborative spirit of the National Sarcoma Network in Scotland.

This work applies the new technologies of DNA and RNA sequencing and proteomics, in collaboration with colleagues in the CRUK Edinburgh Centre and the Scottish Sarcoma Network, in search of therapeutic targets in sarcoma sub-types.