Edinburgh Cancer Research

Peter Hall: Clinical Informatics and Health Economics in Cancer

Research Programme

Our research programme is cross-disciplinary and resides at the interface between Cancer Research, Health Economics and Clinical Trials Research. Our aspiration is to improve clinical outcomes for the cancer population and we undertake research to provide robust evidence for the real-world evaluation of new interventions for cancer. The focus of our research includes:

  • Economic evaluation of new interventions for cancer
  • Bayesian decision analysis for efficient research design
  • Economic evaluation of biomarkers and personalised medicine strategies
  • The use of routine NHS data through clinical informatics to measure the costs of care
  • Methods for the measurement of the financial burden of cancer on patients and carers
  • Outcomes measurement in elderly and non-trial-eligible cancer patients

We run an annual 5 day course “Cost-effectiveness Modelling for Health Technology Assessment” in collaboration with the Universities of Leeds, Aukland and Alberta which is supported by our contemporary textbook (http://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319157436)