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Charlie Gourley

Nicola Murray Centre for Ovarian Cancer Research

Professor Charlie Gourley - Chair of Medical Oncology and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology; Translational Lead, CRUK Scotland Centre; Director, Nicola Murray Centre for Ovarian Cancer Research

Research in a Nutshell 

Ovarian cancer is the sixth most common cause of female cancer death in the UK. Until recently it has been treated as a single disease entity. There is now considerable evidence to demonstrate that ovarian cancers differ in their tissues of origin, their genetic abnormalities, their responsiveness to chemotherapy and the ultimate outcome for patients. 

We are investigating the biology of this disease at the interface between the laboratory and the clinic in order to generate findings that can be directly translated into patient benefit. We do this by characterising the molecular changes that occur in different ovarian cancers and determining how this affects their responsiveness to chemotherapy or novel biological agents


Research Programme

Nicola Murray Foundation

C.Gourley group 12.2021
Nicola Murray Foundation


Charlie Gourley

Principal Investigator, Professor of Medical Oncology; Translational Lead CRUK Scotland Centre; Director of the Nicola Murray Centre for Ovarian Cancer Research

Mike Churchman Lab Manager
Lorna Alexander Research Consenter / Processor
Simon Herrington Professor of Molecular Cancer Pathology
Robb Hollis Research Fellow
Jessica Lim ECAT Clinical Research Fellow
David Melton Emeritus Professor
John Thomson Research Fellow
Grant Cameron Database Assistant
Ian Croy Histology Technician
Lorna Stillie TRACC Programme MB-PhD student
Ailsa Oswald AZ-CRUK TRACC Clinical Research Training Fellow



PA: laura.wood@ed.ac.uk


  • Beatson Institute, Glasgow, UK (Edinburgh and Glasgow Ovarian Cancer Group): Dr Patricia Roxburgh, Dr Ros Glasspool, Dr Seth Coffelt, Dr David Millan and Dr Gareth Bryson.
  • Queens University Belfast, Belfast, UK: Professor Richard Kennedy and Dr Nuala McCabe.
  • Peter Mac Institute, Melbourne, Australia: Professor Ian Campbell and Dr Kylie Gorringe.
  • University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia: Professor Anna de Fazio.
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore: Dr Ruby Huang and Dr David Tan.
  • Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Dr Christianne Lok.
  • Sunnybrook Research Institute/University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada: Prof Helen Mackay.
  • Jikei University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan: Professor Aikou Okamoto.
  • The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre: Professor David M. Gershenson, MD

Partners and Funders

  • Nicola Murray foundation/Charitable donation
  • AstraZeneca/Scottish Chief Scientist Office/Scottish Genome Partnership: Research grant.
  • Stratified Medicine Scotland-Innovation Centre: Research grant.
  • Cancer Research UK: Core funding, research grants and PhD fellowships.
  • Jikei University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan.

Scientific Themes

Ovarian cancer genomics and transcriptomics, translational research