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Margaret Frame

Adhesion networks in cancer

Professor Margaret Frame, Director, Institute of Genetics and Cancer.

Research in a Nutshell

We work on cell adhesion networks in cancer, with specific focus to date on the regulation and role of the adhesion-linked ‘nodal’ Tyrosine Kinases, and their extensive network of interacting partners. Src and FAK kinases reside at sites of cell interaction with the environment or neighboring cells, and we are studying their wider cellular roles, including at other sub-cellular locale.   Increasingly, we also study other proteins that have cancer-specific adaptor functions – either because they interact with the Src/FAK pathway in adhesion-regulated complexes, or they function in invasion or metastasis. Typically, these proteins regulate a variety of processes that lie at the heart of the cancer problem, namely epithelial plasticity, epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT), loss of tissue regulation and tissue architecture, self-renewing properties, resistance to therapy, invasion and metastasis and host-tumour interactions.


Research Programme

Margaret Frame research group 2018


Margaret Frame Principal Investigator, Professor of Cancer Biology
Adam Byron Protein informatician and network analyst
John Dawson

Post Doctoral Scientist (with Neil Carragher)

Martin Lee Post Doctoral Scientist
Billie Griffith PhD student (with Bryan Serrels)
Frederic Li Mow Chee Post Doctoral Scientist
Rachel Cameron PhD student (with Duncan Graham, University of Strathclyde)
Ms Helen Titmarsh PhD student (with Adam Byron and Kev Dhaliwal)



PA: laura.wood@ed.ac.uk


  • Professor Owen Sansom, CRUK Beatson Institute, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Val Brunton, University of Edinburgh 
  • Professor Neil Carragher, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Walter Witke, University of Bonn
  • Professor Ivan Dikic, University of Frankfurt
  • Professor Laura Machesky, CRUK Beatson Institute, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Maddy Parsons, King’s College London
  • Professor Duncan Graham, University of Strathclyde
  • Professor Mark Bradley, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Alan Serrels, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Kevin Dhaliwal, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Steven Pollard, University of Edinburgh

Partners and Funders

  • Cancer Research UK
  • European Research Council
  • Medical Research Council

Scientific Themes

Cancer biology, tyrosine kinases, protein scaffolds, network biology, host-tumour interactions, drug discovery

Technology Expertise

Cell and molecular biology, imaging, proteomics, cancer models