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Marie Fallon

Edinburgh Palliative and Supportive Care Group (EPAS)

Marie Fallon 2018
Professor Marie Fallon - St Columba’s Hospice Chair of Palliative Medicine. Edinburgh Palliative and Supportive Care group (EpaS).

Research in a Nutshell


Professor Fallon leads the Edinburgh Palliative and Supportive Care group (EpaS). This multidisciplinary group’s key theme is to improve the care of patients with life-limiting illness with a strong focus on cancer. Specific areas of expertise include  neuropathic pain, bone pain, breathlessness and cancer cachexia. She serves as Chief Investigator on a large portfolio of clinical studies spanning investigator-led randomized controlled trials examining improved management of cancer-induced bone pain, neuropathic pain, institutionalisation of pain assessment. She has led recruitment of over 3000 patients with advanced cancer into randomized controlled trials over the last few years. She is the lead in an international programme of RCTs in cannabinoids in cancer-related pain and has led the development of studies using fMRI in Edinburgh. EpaS has a close collaboration with an international cancer-related cachexia programme and she is a Co-CI in cachexia studies run Edinburgh and internationally. She also leads a large programme of work looking at chemotherapy –induced peripheral neuropathy.


Research Programme

Edinburgh Pain Assessment and management Tool (EPAT)


Marie Fallon St Columba’s Hospice Chair of Palliative Medicine and Honorary Consultant in Palliative Care
Barry Laird Senior Lecturer in Palliative Medicine and Honorary Consultant in Palliative Care
Joanna Bowden NRS Research Fellow and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Palliative Medicine
Ooi Thye Chong Lecturer in Integrative Medicine
Kim Sladdin Research Nurse
Julie Young Research Nurse
Lucy Norris Trial Manager
Harriet Harris PA and Clinical Trials Co-ordinator
Tonje Sande Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Charlie Hall

Research Fellow
Honor Blackwood Research Fellow



PA: Harriet.Harris@ed.ac.uk

Telephone: +44(0)131 651 8611


  • European Palliative Care Research Centre (EPCRC)
  • European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC)
  • European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO)
  • St Columba’s Hospice, Edinburgh
  • Dr Barry Laird Senior Clinical Lecturer in Palliative Medicine
  • Professor Charles Loprinzi, MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Professor Stein Kaasa and Dr Tora Solheim, EPCRC
  • Professor Mike Bennett, University of Leeds
  • Professor Augusto Caraceni, Istituto tumori, Milan, Italy
  • Professor Peter Hoskin, University of London
  • Professor Irene Tracey, University of Oxford FMRIB
  • Professor Sue Fleetwood-Walker and Dr Rory Mitchell, University of Edinburgh 
  • Erna Haraldsdottir, St Columba’s Hospice
  • Dr Ruth Isherwood, Strathcarron Hospice
  • Dr Sara Booth, Cambridge University Hospitals
  • Professor Miriam Johnson, University of York


Scientific Themes

Palliative, Supportive, Cancer, Pain – cancer, complex, neuropathic, bone, treatment-related, Symptom control, Analgesia, Opioids, Cachexia, Nutrition, Breathlessness.

Technology Expertise

Quantitative sensory testing (QST), GaitRite, Vivascope, TENS, acupuncture.