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Hilary Critchley (Affiliate)

Endometrial Biology and Menstrual Related Bleeding Complaints

Professor Hilary Critchley - Professor of Reproductive Medicine; Consultant Gynaecologist


Research Programme



Hilary Critchley

Principal Investigator and Professor of Reproductive Medicine

Dr Jackie Maybin Clinical Lecturer
Dr Alison Murray Postdoctoral Associate
Catherine Murray Clinical Research Nurse
Dr Moira Nicol Senior Research Assistant
Sharon McPherson Clinical Research Nurse
Sheila Milne PA
Kate Walker Research Assistant


Research Secretary: twhite2@ed.ac.uk



  • Professor Jeff Pollard, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Philippa Saunders, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Brian Walker, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Andrew Horne, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Neil Roberts, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Karen Chapman, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Bruno Peault, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Ailsa Gebbie, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Pamela Warner, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Chris Weir, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Scott Semple, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Nik Hirani, University of Edinburgh


  • Professor Mary Ann Lumsden, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Ashley Moffett, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Siladitya Bhattacharya University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Justin Clark, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Dharani Hapangama, University of Liverpool


  • Professor Peter Rogers, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Professor Martha Hickey, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Professor Ian Fraser, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
  • Professor Mac Munro, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA)
  • Dr Ov Slayden, Oregon National Primate Research Center, Portland, USA
  • Professor Carlos Simon, University of Valencia, Spain)
  • Professor Felice Petraglia, University of Siena, Italy
  • Dr Steve Yellon, Loma Linda University, USA

Partners and Funders

  • Medical Research Council
  • MRC/NIHR Efficacy Mechanisms Evaluation (EME Programme)
  • Bayer Pharma AG – research collaboration

Scientific Themes

Mechanisms regulating endometrial/menstrual bleeding; endocrine-immune interactions in the endometrium; development of murine models for menstruation; mechanisms involved with uterine bleeding in association with uterine fibroids.

Technology Expertise

Endometrial histology; standard molecular cellular techniques; murine models of menstruation.