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Sally Clive

Early Phase Clinical Trials Co-lead

Dr Sally Clive - Consultant and honorary senior lecturer in medical oncology

Research in a Nutshell

Dr Clive works as a consultant in medical oncology in the Edinburgh Cancer Centre and in Fife, specialising in the medical management of colorectal cancer, cancers of unknown primary and early phase clinical trials.

Sally has been chief investigator, principal investigator and co-investigator on numerous clinical trials over her career and works closely with medical colleagues in the Edinburgh Cancer Centre, the clinical trials team and the ECMC to deliver high quality trials with robust data and specimen collection. She has collaborated with colleagues across the UK and beyond on multicentre clinical trials (phase I-IV) with the overarching desire to make meaningful improvement to patient outcomes. Sally has been chief investigator in first-in-man phase I clinical trials and pharmacokinetic organ function, drug interaction and ADME trials and is currently running a study investigating the cardiotoxicity of oral fluoropyrimidines. Her research interests are early phase clinical trials, clinical research in colorectal cancer, improving outcomes for patients with mCUP and investigating the toxicities associated with chemotherapy.

Sally’s work has been supported since 2012 by a NRS Career Researcher Award.

S.Clive group


Dr Sally Clive

Consultant Medical Oncologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medical Oncology

Dr Stefan Symenoides Clinical lead in early phase clinical trials
Dr Ewan Brown Co-investigator in colorectal clinical trials
Ms Moira Stewart Chief data manager in clinical research team
Ms Patty Campbell Chief research nurse in clinical research team





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Partners and Funders

  • NRS Career Researcher Award