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Nizar Batada (Affiliate)

Genomic and Computational Cancer Biology

Dr Nizar Batada

Section: Genomic Medicine

Research in a Nutshell

Despite significant progress in the understanding of the genetic basis of cancer, mortality rates due to cancer have not reduced significantly in the past 30 years. The vast accrual and public availability of multi-omics databases with associated clinical annotation including tumour histology, patient response, and outcome are a rich resource that has the potential to improve overall survival of cancer patients. Deriving meaningful insights from these "Big Data" sets require development of sophisticated computational and statistical methods. The long-term goal of my research is to develop computational methods for analysis of cancer genomic data that will lead to better understanding of the mechanisms associated with tumorigenesis and tools to aid clinicians in selecting optimal therapies based on the patient's genome.

Research Programme

N.Batada group


Dr Nizar Batada Group Leader

Katerina Boufea

PhD student



- Dr. Dietmar Zaiss, University of Edinburgh

- Dr. Steve Jenkins, University of Edinburgh

- Dr. Veronica Miron, University of Edinburgh

- Dr. Alan Serrels, University of Edinburgh

- Dr. Chengcan Yao, University of Edinburgh


Scientific Themes

Anti-tumor immunology, genome instability, mutations, cancer, computational biology, genomics, biomarker.

Technology Expertise

Bioinformatics, High Throughput Sequencing, Mutation identification from exome and whole genome sequencing data, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, single cell sequencing, DNA methylation.