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Cancer Research UK offers accurate information about cancer as well as patient information services. In addition, through Cancer Information Nurses, patients can access a confidential service to answer any question about any aspect of any cancer as well as how to cope with the emotional impact of being diagnosed with cancer.

Locally, our Senior CRUK Research Nurse, Vivienne Wilson, works on the coordination of early phase clinical trials across the South East of Scotland, and campaigns to promote public health awareness within our community. Currently she is developing a framework for a local Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) working group with clinicians, nurses and researchers. More details will be posted here once the group is inviting applications from members of the public to take part.

Cancer Research UK is also developing an initiative called "Your Involvement Network" allowing people who have been affected by cancer to help shape the work of CRUK by sharing their experience of cancer and their opinions on our work through a range of involvement opportunities.

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