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Genes & Cancer Meeting 2017 Prizes

We are delighted by the recent IGMM success at the 32nd Genes & Cancer Meeting: April 2017

Genes and Cancer meeting prize
Adam Hall and Sonia Wojciechowska

We are delighted by the recent IGMM success at the 32nd Genes & Cancer Meeting, held April 10-12 in Cambridge, UK. Adam Hall (Postdoctoral Fellow, Myant laboratory) was awarded a Best Short Talk Award for his presentation on the discovery of a splicing factor that may regulate colon cancer progression, and Sonia Wojciechowska (PhD student, Patton laboratory) was awarded a Best Poster Award for her presentation on a new genetic model of melanoma that is dependent on the transcription factor MITF for melanoma survival. The Genes & Cancer Meeting is the longest running cancer research meeting in the UK, and attracts outstanding speakers and science from around the world.

Congratulations Sonia and Adam!