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News 2017

An archive of CRUK Edinburgh Centre News from 2017

Cancer immune evasion research on the cover of Science Signaling

Cancer imaging
The Cancer Biology group at the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre has just published new research that sheds light on how tumours evade the immune system. Their research article was selected as the cover story of the December 5 issue of the journal Science Signaling: December 2017

Professor Malcolm Dunlop receives Scottish Cancer Foundation Prize

Professor Malcolm Dunlop
Professor Dunlop was awarded the £10,000 prize in recognition of his efforts as bowel cancer researcher and surgeon: November 2017

The “dark side” of autophagy in cancer

Simon Wilkinson
A new study by Dr Simon Wilkinson's research group shows that tumour cells hijack the cell's protein recycling mechanism to get rid of cancer suppressor protein TRAF3. November 2017

Cancer Centre PhD student wins fluorescence imaging prize

Fluorescence image and Frederick receiving the prize
Frederic Li Mow Chee was awarded the prize for best fluorescence imaging at the Imaging PhD Expo: October 2017

Melanoma research featured in fashion magazines

Researchers holding People magazine with the advert showing
Five melanoma researchers, including Dr Liz Patton, feature in a full-page public service advertisement: October 2017

Over 200 visitors at the IGMM Open Day

IGMM doors open 2017
The MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine opened its doors to the public for the second time on September 23, welcoming 232 visitors: September 2017

Recent successes of the IGMM Mass Spectrometry Facility team

Recent successes of the IGMM Mass Spectrometry Facility team
The IGMM Mass Spectrometry Facility located in the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre provides mass spectrometry services: September 2017

£1.5 million boost for cancer centre

Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre building
Cancer experts have received a major funding boost to help develop new medicines.

Science Insights

Science Insights
Science Insights: July 2017

Gold-Triggered Uncaging Chemistry in Living Systems Opens New Frontiers for Cancer Therapy

Asier Unciti-Broceta news 7.2017
Bioorthogonal chemistry – chemical reactions that can occur inside of living systems without interfering with native biochemical processes – may hold the key for better targeted therapeutic approaches with less negative side-effects in the future: July 2017

Dr Evropi Theodoratou awarded a prestigious £1.58 million Career Development Fellowship by CRUK

Dr Evropi Theodoratou
Cancer Research UK has awarded Dr Evropi Theodoratou £1.58 million to support her research on improving bowel cancer diagnosis in Scotland: June 2017

Five female scientists are working on ground-breaking Melanoma research

Five female scientists are working on ground-breaking Melanoma research
Dr Liz Patton from the MRC IGMM, as one of five female scientists leading a Melanoma Research Team, is currently featuring on the L’Oreal Paris website: June 2017

MRC Festival of Medical Research 2017

MRC Festival of medical research
Leith Labs Explores Genes & Brains – Research Revelations with the IGMM and CCACE: June 2017

New chemotherapy approach offers breast cancer patients a better quality of life

The study, part funded by Cancer Research UK, looked at the benefits of different chemotherapy treatment approaches and schedules to treat breast cancer: June 2017

Brain cancer study reveals therapy clues

highly proliferative neural stem cells with cells in mitosis labelled in white. Nuclei in blue. Foxg1 and sox2 drive cell state
Researchers have pinpointed two key molecules that drive the growth of an aggressive type of adult brain cancer: May 2017

Blood study insight could improve stem cell therapy success

News 5.2017 Fh1 figure
Researchers have pinpointed a key enzyme that is vital for the production of fresh blood cells in the body: May 2017

Our Scientists at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Our Scientist at the Edinburgh International Science Festival
Researchers from the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre/Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) took part in the Edinburgh International Science Festival: April 2017

Genes & Cancer Meeting 2017 Prizes

Genes and Cancer meeting prize
We are delighted by the recent IGMM success at the 32nd Genes & Cancer Meeting: April 2017

Cancer Centre scientists link cellular trafficking networks to cancer cell invasion

Colocalization of Ambra1 and FAK at cell adhesion sites. Scale bars 20µm
This important work provides new insights into how cancer cells function and how they migrate to invade adjacent tissues: April 2017

New grant to support an exciting bowel cancer project

Lesley Stark
Congratulations to Dr Lesley Stark who has recently been awarded a grant from Bowel & Cancer Research - a UK based charity that funds research to investigate new ideas in the area of bowel disease: March 2017

​Marie Curie partnership with Chief Scientist Office funds vital research into care for terminally ill patients in Scotland

​Marie Curie partnership with Chief Scientist Office funds vital research into care for terminally ill patients in Scotland
Marie Curie and the Scottish Government Chief Scientist Office (CSO) have today announced the funding of two new research studies looking at care for people living with terminal illnesses: March 2017

CRUK 4 year PhD opportunities - apply now

IGMM PhD studentships
Applications now welcome for 2017 CRUK studentship programme - closed now: January 2017

New insights into colorectal tumourigenesis

Congratulations to Dr Kevin Myant and colleagues whose paper entitled “HUWE1 is a critical colonic tumour suppressor gene that prevents MYC signalling, DNA damage accumulation and tumour initiation” : January 2017