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The following news articles were published in 2022.

Cancer drug precursor designed to reduce toxic side effects

Graphical abstract of the work published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry [J Med Chem. 2022 Jan 13;65(1):552-561]
Edinburgh researchers developed an orally bioavailable palladium activated 5-Fluorouracil precursor designed to evade anabolic and catabolic drug pathways: March 2022

Loss of Integrin-Linked Kinase sensitizes breast cancer to SRC inhibitors

Effects of Src inhibitors on growth of triple negative breast cancer in an animal model [for details see Beetham H et al. Cancer
Our researchers demonstrated that loss of Integrin-Linked Kinase sensitizes triple negative breast cancer to SRC inhibition: February 2022

Trametinib as a new standard of care option for low-grade serous ovarian cancer

The tissue origins and major molecular pathway alterations in different types of ovarian epithelial cancer. [from Shih et al. Am
Important contributions of Edinburgh investigators to the GOG281/LOGS clinical trial that offers new standard of care option for women with progressive or relapsed low-grade serous ovarian cancer.

Scientists in Scotland to get £12 million boost from Cancer Research UK

The charity has announced that experts in Edinburgh and Glasgow - the Cancer Research UK Scotland Centre - will receive the funding over the next five years for their ground-breaking work as part of a unique chain of cutting-edge research hubs around the UK: February 2022

Live from the Lab with the Brain Tumour Award team

Artistic representation of a brain microenvironment
Virtual Lab Tour with Prof Neil Carragher’s Research Group

Zebrafish study unlocks understanding of developmental mechanisms hijacked in cancer

The work, led by Alessandro Brombin and Liz Patton and in collaboration with Tamir Chandra, could potentially inform improved drug therapies for people living with melanoma: January 2022

Disparities in breast cancer care quality have reduced

Regional variation in chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer across Scotland has reduced significantly over the past 15 years, according to a new study: December 2021

TestEd team awarded Principal’s Medal at winter graduation ceremony

TestEd Logo
Professor Tim Aitman received the medal on behalf of the team for significant achievements in pioneering a way to mass population testing in an epidemic: December 2021

Multi-omic machine learning predictor of breast cancer therapy response

Schematic: prediction of response to neoadjuvant therapies
Edinburgh clinicians contributed to a study that developed new AI-based predictor of response to cancer therapy: December 2021