Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre

IGC seminar series

The IGC Seminar Series attracts distinguished scientists from around the world working in the fields of genetics, molecular medicine and cancer research, and whose research complements that being done at IGC.

In 2021 we are holding seminars which exploring some of our research themes from across the Institute.

Sessions are open to all within CMVM, University of Edinburgh - Please contact for more information.


Chromatin, Genetic Disease and Cancer

Thursday 23rd September, 5pm

  • Professor Matthew Lorincz, University of British Columbia
  • Dr Adrian Bracken, Trinity College Dublin
  • Dr Francesca Taglini, IGC

Hosted by Dr Duncan Sproul

Glasgow-Edinburgh Cancer Seminar Series in collaboration with the Beatson Institute, Glasgow

Thursday 28th October, 1pm

Targeting the stress-relieving pathways for the treatment of metastatic cancers

Professor Yibin Kang

Princeton University

Epigenetic regulation, heterochromatin and anti-fungal resistance

Thursday 4th November, 1pm

Professor Robin Allshire

Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology, University of Edinburgh

Remodelling chromosome organisation and cell cycle control for gamete formation

Thursday 11th November, 1pm

Professor Adele Marston

Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology, University of Edinburgh

Structural basis of homologous chromosome synapsis by the synaptonemal complex during mammalian meiosis

Thursday 18th November, 1pm

Dr Owen Davies

Institute for Cell Biology, University of Edinburgh