Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre

Scottish Genomes Partnership

Enabling precision medicine.

The Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow are leading the Scottish Genomes Partnership (SGP) in collaboration with the NHS in both Scotland and England, and Genomics England.

SGP’s collaboration with the CRUK Edinburgh Centre offers linkage of genetic data from sequenced genomes with clinical patient information.

Cancer patient samples, obtained through the Host and Tumour Profiling Unit, can be rapidly sequenced and linked to clinical information. This work is enhanced by the Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme (IHDP).

Enabling precision medicine, via:

  • Rapid screening of cancer patients
  • Precise molecular characterisation of cancers
  • Correlation of molecular aberration with patient outcome
  • Personalised treatment and safer selection of drug therapies
  • Identification of patients for specific clinical studies
  • Sequencing results can be returned to clinicians, via a rapid analysis pipeline, and facilitate entry into clinical trials, ie. ‘real time’ stratified medicine