Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre


Governance of ECMC's resources.

Multicenter early phase studies, led by Edinburgh or elsewhere, are subject to the usual national Multicentre Research and Ethics Committee and R&D approvals, and where appropriate, Independent Data Monitoring Committees (IDMCs) and/or Trial Steering Committees.

For academic studies led from Edinburgh, sponsorship is via the R&D office of the Academic and Clinical Central Office for Research and Development (ACCORD), a joint partnership between the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian Health Board. All studies are overseen by the ECMC Executive, ensuring ECMC resources are appropriately supporting early phase studies.

The ECMC Executive

  • ECMC Lead (Professor David Cameron), Chair
  • ECMC Deputy Lead (Dr Stefan Symeonides)
  • Early Phase Lead (Dr Sally Clive)
  • Research nurses
  • The local SCRN network
  • Pharmacy
  • Patient and Public Involvment group (PPI)
  • Clinicians and patients

Professor David Cameron is also a member of the CRUK Edinburgh Centre Governance Board, where there is also representation from the NHS Lothian, CRUK, the University of Edinburgh, scientists, clinicians, CRUK’s Research Engagement Manager and a patient representative, thus ensuring continuity between the aims and foci of ECMC, and the deployment of ECMC resources in keeping with the overarching vision of the CRUK Edinburgh Centre, whilst respecting the particular priorities of the ECMC network and its funding.

Dr Stefan Symeonides, ECMC Deputy Lead, is a medical oncologist, with previous experience from the pharmaceutical industry. He  also holds a part time role at the CRUK’s Centre for Drug Discovery (CDD) and is on the Junior Investigators’ Network Group (JING) steering committee.  Dr Sally Clive, is a NHS-Lothian medical oncologist with an active interest in early phase clinical trials and is part of the Joint Steering Committee for the Combinations Alliance initiative at ECMC.  Stefan and Sally actively lead ECMC's  early-phase clinical trials.