Edinburgh Cancer Research

Edinburgh Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC)

Delivering early phase clinical trials and translational research.

The ECMC focus is on the delivery of early phase clinical trials. The clinical trials team have a strong reputation for its high quality trial management and data collection with emphasis on patient safety, attracting studies specifically to Edinburgh. Our team is composed of research nurses, data managers and IT developers.

Our current clinical study priorities, include:

  • First in man and first in combination studies
  • Early phase breast, ovary, urology, and brain
  • Colorectal prevention intervention studies
  • Biomarker development and clinical qualification
  • Metastatic and earlier phase (eg. neo-adjuvant, window) translational studies
  • High-priority national network early phase studies

The underlying scientific activities associated with early phase clinical studies include DNA damage repair, restoration of p53 function, immuno-oncology (including kinase inhibitor combinations), tumour evolution and resistance to standard and novel therapies, and bio-markers: PK, PD, response and resistance prediction.

ECMC studies and clinical trials that involve tissue collection work closely with the CRUK Edinburgh Centre Host and Tumour Profiling Unit (HTPU).  HTPU's quality assurance manager also oversees the QA and SOPs for the early phase trial research nurses and data managers so that there is continuity, to a high standard in line with GCP, on all aspects of patient recruitment, trial conduct, tissue collection and data handling.



Governance of ECMC's resources.