Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre

Precision Medicine PhD Projects

Closed now

Development of clinically relevant models of undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma using a genetic screening approach

Professor Val Brunton, Dr Luke Boulter, Professor Martin Taylor & Professor Donald Salter

Inhibition of Zika Virus by Interferon A14 and derivatives

Dr Richard Sloan, Professor Kathryn Ball and Professor Alain Kohl (UoG)

Targeted ultrasonic contrast enhancement for accurate staging of rectal cancer

Professor Carmel M Moran, Dr Susan Farrington, Dr Helen Mulvana (University of Strathclyde) & Professor Susan Moug (University of Glasgow)

Cooperative Omics analysis and cell-based studies to position the first-in-class total SRC inhibitor eCF506 towards the right cancer indication

Professor Asier Unciti-Broceta, Dr Andrew Sims, Professor Neil Carragher & Professor Val Brunton