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State of the art scientific facilities, scientific infrastructure and business support.

IGMM imaging

The Institute of Genetics and Cancer, partnership of the Edinburgh Cancer Research, MRC Human Genetics Unit and Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine provides access to state of the art scientific facilities, scientific infrastructure and business support.

IGC facilities

Cancer Informatics

Cancer Informatics

The Edinburgh Cancer Research & the Edinburgh Cancer Centre are working together to use data and information systems in new ways.

Edinburgh Cancer Informatics

Glioma Cellular Genetics Resource

Funded by Cancer Research UK, the Glioma Cellular Genetics Resource is a collection cellular models and associated data to underpin the next era of studies into the biology and treatment of glioma.

It is an open access initiative led from Edinburgh that provides:

  • New patient-derived glioma cell lines (early passage, cryopreserved)
  • Normal neural stem cell reference controls
  • Extensive molecular annotation (genome, epigenome, transcriptome)
  • Matched GFP-Luciferase cells and xenograft data
  • Isogenic matched cell line pairs with gain or loss of glioma drivers
  • CRISPR engineered knock-in lineage reporters and epitope tags

Glioma Cellular Genetics Resource

HTPU microarray services

HTPU microarray services

The HTPU microarray services offers cutting edge protein, antibody and transcriptomic microarray services to all within the University of Edinburgh, and also to external groups through funded collaboration or fee-for-service contract.

HTPU microarray services can help accelerate your research by applying the latest advances in ultrasensitive Reverse Phase Protein Array, cytokine array and NanoString™ technologies to deliver rapid and robust protein and transcriptomic analysis across multiple sample types.

HTPU microarray services

Biobank with CRUK Tissue Group logo

Cancer Research UK Tissue Group

The Cancer Research UK Tissue Group (CRUKTG) provides infrastructure for the research and development of novel cancer treatments and interventions in human participants aiming to deliver patient benefit in the short to medium term.

CRUK Tissue Group

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