Usher innovation community
Video: Usher innovation community
Nick Mills, Michelle Evans and Atul Anand introduce the Usher innovation community, bringing together academics, service professionals and industry focused on data-driven innovation in health and social care.

Health and social care data-driven innovation

Health and social care services are struggling, globally, to manage the demands placed on them by several major challenges - particularly those related to ageing populations living with multiple long-term disorders over several decades.

Putting data at the centre of responses to these challenges is crucial to improving services through research, innovation and planning.

As part of the Health and Social Care Data-Driven Innovation Programme, the Usher Innovation Community will support collaboration between academics, service professionals and industry to identify, evaluate, validate and adopt new data-driven solutions to transform the delivery of care and improve outcomes for people in Scotland and around the world.

Why join?

Join the Usher Innovation Community as we seek to drive advances in health and social care through the application of data science

  • Connect with a growing community of innovators focused on data-led improvements in health and social care
  • Secure access to primary, secondary and social care data through the DataLoch service, including curated research-ready data collections
  • Access a suite of high-quality education and training in the application of data skills within health and social care
  • Stimulate collaborations across public, private and third sectors to generate new, co-produced insights to our most pressing health and social care challenges

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A secure, pioneering data service

The Usher Innovation Community is underpinned by DataLoch, a unique and secure data service transforming access to routine health and social care data involving nearly 1 million people across Edinburgh and South-East Scotland.

Access expertise and research-ready datasets to support your research and innovation.

Discover DataLoch

Education and training in the application of data skills

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An ambitious plan for education and training will deliver new data capability for the health and social care sector.

From bite size open access and continuing professional development courses, to full masters' degrees. Find the learning pathway that suits your needs.

Health and Social Care Talent Programme

Concept art of new Usher building

A modern space for collaboration

A new Usher Building is under construction at Edinburgh BioQuarter - Edinburgh's health innovation district.

Due to be occupied in 2024 ahead of a formal opening in 2025, this new building will provide a physical home for the growing Usher Innovation Community alongside the University of Edinburgh's Usher Institute.

Situated within an engaged and innovative community, relocation opportunities are available for our partners.

Usher Building at Edinburgh BioQuarter

Data-Driven Innovation initiative logo in full colour

Part of the Data-Driven Innovation initiative

Our activity forms part of the Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) initiative, a 10-year programme at the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University and a major part of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal.

It is key to the vision to make the Edinburgh region the data capital of Europe.

Data-Driven Innovation initiative

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Hosted by the Usher Institute

The Health and Social Care Data-Driven Innovation Programme is hosted by the Usher Institute, a centre of academic excellence in the use and application of data within population health.

The Usher Institute is a key applied and translational arm of the Edinburgh Medical School, within the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh; offering significant expertise in health services research, health informatics, data science and social science.

Usher Institute