Always dreamed of being a teacher?

Gain the skills you need and the registration required to teach in Scotland on one of our Initial Teacher Education programmes. 

Initial teacher education programmes

Moray House School of Education and Sport has a proud tradition of teacher education, spanning nearly 200 years. Our strong reputation and future-oriented approach to teaching will help you to become a transformative teacher: a teacher with the potential to change the lives of children and young people for the better.


Our teacher education degrees are highly competitive and qualify you to teach in the UK.

MA (Hons) Primary Education with Gaelic

MA (Hons) Physical Education


Graduates interested in teaching may join the following programmes that range in length from 9 months to a 2 year Masters and qualify you to teach at Primary or Secondary level or across the transition.

PGDE Primary

PGDE Secondary

MSc Transformative Learning and Teaching

MSc Dance Science and Education with TQs 

Our programmes are featured in the upcoming mini Open Day on April 28 2021! Register now to learn more about these Teacher Education progammes:

  • MSc Dance Science and Education with TQs
  • PGDE Secondary Education: Modern Languages, Design and Technology, Chemistry, Maths, or Physics
  • MSc Transformative Learning and Teaching

Our programme directors will give you an introduction to the programme, and then you will have the opportunity to ask them your questions as well as hear from current students or graduates.

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Our students

Isabel Braadbaart

'I know I will stay in touch with the friends I’ve made for a long time – not just because they are colleagues who share educational interests and values.'


Isabel Braadbaart, PGDE Primary

Lizzie McGhee

'I feel I can be completely transparent about how I’m doing throughout the year, the highs and lows, and always receive a listening ear, encouragement and understanding.'

Lizzie McGhee, PGDE Secondary (Music)

Tom Bird

'At Moray House, going to conferences and learning together has been especially rewarding. You are shown a world of possibilities for what teachers can do and be.'

Tom Bird, PGDE Secondary (Physics and Mathematics)

Lizzie Hay

'This programme offers the opportunity to gain a profound understanding of transition with site-based learning experience in both primary and secondary schools. Other key elements of the programme for me are the emphasis on social justice and engaging academically at a master’s level, thereby, focusing on criticality and helping to improve practice so that opportunities can be provided for all young people.'

Lizzie Hay, MSc Transformative Learning and Teaching

Career outcomes

Once you graduate from an initial teacher education programme, you will be qualified to teach, and eligible for provisional registration from the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS).

On completion of your programme, if you are from the UK or EU, you are eligible to join the Teacher Induction Scheme (TIS), a guaranteed and paid one-year probationary teaching post. Those who qualify may also join the Preference Waiver Payment Scheme - agreeing to work in any Scottish local authority for their probationary year - to receive an additional £6,000-£8,000. If successful, at the end of the Teacher Induction Scheme year, you become fully registered with the GTCS.

Fees and funding

Scholarships and bursaries from the University as well as external and government bodies may be available for Initial Teacher Education, for example in teaching STEM subjects.

Postgraduate awards

STEM Bursary Scotland - funding scheme open for applications

If you're changing career to teach or thinking about it, STEM Bursary Scotland would like to help. Applications are open for a £20,000 government bursary to ease the transition into teaching. For applicants starting in August 2020 the eligible subjects include chemistry, computing science, mathematics, physics, and technical education. Find out if you are eligible and apply on their website.

STEM Bursary Scotland

Career-Long Professional Learning for Teachers

The Scottish Government aspires to develop teacher education as a single continuum from the Initial Teacher Education stage throughout a teacher’s entire career. With this in mind, we provide a number of programmes of study for practising teachers to specialise and progress within the field.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) updates

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