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Open your mind to a career in economics

There has never been a better time to study economics. The world urgently needs new thinking and new processes to meet the challenges of the changing economic climate.

At the University of Edinburgh, we have been teaching Economics for over 200 years. Today, our world-leading academics are working at the forefront of the field and our reputation for postgraduate education is outstanding.

Choose to study with us, and you will join a community of highly sought after graduates.

The Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics (SGPE) is a collaboration between eight top Scottish Universities. Choose to study MSc Economics, MSc Economics (Finance) or MSc Economics (Econometrics).

If you have a strong quantitative background in a subject such as mathematics, physics, engineering or computer science and would like to acquire a master’s level understanding of economics, this is the programme for you.

Our Students

Lonjezo Sithole

With the best teachers picked from each of the eight universities, I was guaranteed of being taught by some of the finest minds in each course. The experience afterwards proved me right.”

Cynthia Medeiros

It was exactly what I was looking for - the mandatory courses covered what was essential, balancing really well the theoretical and applied topics, and there was a wide range of optional courses to choose from.”

James Forrester

I’ve always known that Edinburgh is not only a world-class university but also a fantastic place to live and get the full ‘student experience’ – it didn’t disappoint!”

Prospective postgraduates

Read more about our graduates' reasons for choosing to study Economics at Edinburgh.

Graduate prospects

  • Join some of the best and brightest students from around the globe at one of the world’s top universities (ranked 16th in the world, QS University rankings 2021).
  • Select from an unparalleled range of electives taught by academics working at the cutting edge of the field. 
  • Play an active role in Scotland’s economic community taking part in a busy programme of workshops, seminars and events.

World-class experience

  • High-level transferable skills will make you an attractive recruit across a range of sectors from government, finance, banking and insurance, to international investment, consulting and more.
  • Our MSc programmes are research-oriented and act as a pathway into PhD study globally.
  • Our SGPE programmes are the only Economics and Social Research Council (ESRC) recognised pathway to PhD economics study in Scotland.


  • There are a wide range of scholarships available across the University.
  • Within the School of Economics, we offer very strong applicants a fee discount of up to 50%. There is no separate application process for our fee discount.

Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics Scholarships

MSc Mathematical Economics & Econometrics Scholarships