Group Leader Opportunities at the MRC Human Genetics Unit
MRC Human Genetics Unit

We are seeking to recruit new group leaders at tenure or tenure track level

The MRC HGU – the UK’s largest MRC Unit - combines the latest computational and experimental technologies to investigate how our genomes work to control the function of molecules, cells and tissues in people and populations. For more than half a century our research has been dedicated to understanding human genetic disease. Today we continue to apply our clinical and scientific expertise, harnessing the power of complex data, to improve health, and the lives of patients and their families.


A deep understanding of human genome function - particularly for the non-coding genome - is an outstanding grand challenge. Our mission is to discover how our genome controls the function of molecules, cells and tissues, in health and disease, connecting human genetic variation to phenotype.

Multidisciplinary HGU research programs embrace genetic, computational, biochemical, cellular, model organism and clinical approaches, to gain meaningful insights across scales and dynamic processes, with cross-cutting themes in 4D Cellular Medicine and Genome Interpretation.

Applicant information

We welcome applications from candidates with strong research portfolios and innovative programmes in areas that enrich the HGU’s research focus. We are particularly interested in applicants with interests and expertise in regulatory genomics, molecular mechanisms of genome function and disease, and statistical genetics. Applicants adopting innovative cross-disciplinary approaches are especially welcome to apply.   

Successful Programme Leader applicants would receive funding from the MRC-HGU core grant to support their work prior to presentation of a research programme at the next MRC quinquennial review of the Unit.  Programme Leader-Track appointments will be given the resources and support to establish an independent group with the expectation of career development toward Programme Leader within 5-6 years. Programme Leader-Track appointments will also have the opportunity to join the Edinburgh Scientific Academic Track. Positions are open to clinician scientists, with an honorary clinical contract available to suitably qualified individuals.  

Applicants should demonstrate the strategic awareness to develop their programme into one with an international track record of relevant independent research within 5-6 years. We strive for an outstanding and positive research culture and would expect applicants to exemplify good practice, fairness, transparency, collaboration and sharing. The Unit actively seeks to increase diversity among its staff, including promoting an equitable representation of men and women. The Unit therefore especially encourages applications from women, from minority ethnic groups and from those with non-standard career paths. 

Apply by 18th December.

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The Edinburgh Scientific Academic Track (ESAT) scheme aims to support outstanding scientists at the early stages of their independent academic careers with targeted support and development opportunities designed to enable them to develop the skills and experience required to achieve the next step in their career.

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Successful Programme Leader and Programme Leader-track appointees will have the opportunity to attract PhD students from the HGU’s 4 year fully funded PhD programme.

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