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UKABS conference 2021 Program

This is the detailed program of UKABS conference 2021.


Thursday 1st July 2021 BST


9.15-10.15       UKABS Annual General Meeting

Open to all attendees of the conference, though voting is restricted to members of UKABS.


10.30-10.45     Welcome


10.45-12.00    National Museums Scotland Roundtable: “Images of the Buddha: Collecting Histories and the Displays of Buddhist Material in Public Museums”

Emma Martin (Chair)

Friederike Voigt

Marjolein de Raat

Qin Cao

Karwin Cheung


12.10-1.00       Panel: “Visions of Deities” Chaired by Ian Astley

Yen-Yi Chan – ‘A Divine Vision on Earth: One Thousand Images of Kannon from Kōfukuji’

Hillary Pedersen – ‘Iconography and Efficacy of the Kannonkyō-ji Niō Ofuda’

Yui Suzuki – ‘Saved by Kannon: Mourning, Memorials and Remembrance at Iwo Jima’


1.00-2.00         Lunch


2.00-2.50         Panel: “Materiality” Chaired by Elodie Pascal

Sherry Fowler – ‘A Deep Dive and Rare Resurrection of a Buddhist Bell’

Carolyn Wargula – ‘Embodied Objects: Chūjōhime’s Hair Embroideries and the Transformation of the Female Body’

Amy McNair – ‘The Fifth Garden of Ryūgen-in’


3.00-4.15        Roundtable: “Aesthetics of Buddhist Belonging in/through Objects and Action”

Erica Baffelli and Paulina Kolata (Chairs)

Trine Brox

Jane Caple

Gwendolyn Gillson

Levi McLaughlin

Frederik Schröer

Dominique Townsend

Elizabeth Williams-Oerberg


4.30-5.45         Roundtable: “Decolonisation and Buddhist Studies”

Alice Collett (Chair)

Daud Ali

Elizabeth Harris

Salila Kulshreshta

Patrice Ladwig


6.00-7.00         Keynote lecture: Justin McDaniel (University of Pennsylvania) Chaired by Naomi Appleton

“Cajoleries and Thin Description in the Study of Thai Buddhist Art”


Friday 2nd July 2021 BST


10.00-11.30     PhD student Q&A session (posters and videos viewable in advance)


11.45-1.00       Roundtable: “Buddhist Materialities in Premodern Japan”

Cynthea J. Bogel (Chair, Kyushu University)

Miriam Chusid (University of Washington)

Michael Como (Columbia University)

Hank Glassman (Haverford College)


1.00-2.00         Lunch


2.00-2.50         Panel: “Illustrated Manuscripts” Chaired by Naomi Appleton

Anne Bancroft – ‘Searching for Images of Protectors with Sacred Script’

Jana Igunma – ‘Illustrated Yogāvacāra Manuals from the Khmer, Thai and Lao Buddhist Traditions’

Elisabeth Kindall – ‘Walking Meditation in a Painted Landscape Scroll’


3.00-3.50         Panel: “Fragments and Calligraphy” Chaired by Joachim Gentz

Edward Kamens – ‘Material and Immaterial Transformations: Thoughts on Sūtra Fragments in Tekagami’

Akiko Walley – ‘Burning Still: Calligraphy Collecting and the Appreciation of “Burnt Sūtra”’

Michael Jamentz – ‘Fujiwara no Toshinori, Shinjaku, Master of Words and Images’


4.00-5.15         Roundtable: “Performing scripture: Text Meets Art, Music and Drama”

Eviatar Shulman (Chair)

Pia Brancaccio

Natalie Gummer

Trent Walker


5.20-6.20         Keynote lecture: Pamela Winfield (Elon University)

Chaired by Halle O’Neal

“What’s in A Nāma? A Rūpa Would Smell as Sweet: Reflections on Sensational Buddhism”


6.20                 Close