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Training for Personal Licence Applicants

Information on ScotPIL training offered by the University of Edinburgh

Training for Personal Licence applicants

New Personal Licence applicants or those applying within 5 years of revoking a personal licence must complete a course of accredited training in the relevant modules and species they wish to work on.  Details of the required modular training in order to apply for a personal licence is provided below

section 9.2 Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 Personal licence holder

Applicants for personal licences are required to complete at least L plus E1 (or module 1) and:

  • for a category A + B personal licence you must successfully complete modules PILA (theory and skills) and module K (theory and skills) plus PILB as relevant (or modules 2 and 3) for all relevant species;
  • to add category C to your licence, you must also complete module PILC (or module 4);

ScotPIL training

We offer modular training in order to apply for a personal licence via ScotPIL training and registration for our courses available on our website via our online registration form. Please read the ScotPIL policy document below before registering for this course.


Modular training is offered 4 times a year at the University of Edinburgh.  Other Scottish Universities offer ScotPIL training and dates of these courses can be obtained from VSS.


Please get in touch with our ScotPIL adminstrator or if you need any further help or information at this stage. Alternatively please contact us on 0131 2426773/ 6788.