Bioresearch & Veterinary Services


BVS provides a professional service that prioritises animal care and welfare whilst supporting compliance and research requirements.

White mouse in a cardboard tube

The services offered by BVS range from meeting basic husbandry needs, such as providing an appropriate enviroment,  housing, and welfare measures, to veterinary support, and the production of new transgenic lines. We are also able to provide training for research staff, and students, some of which is mandatory for those working with animals.

BVS also provides guidance and support to staff who require home office personal or project licences under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act.

Maintaining animals in good health ensures their well-being; and minimises variations that can affect the results of the research carried out within the units. To ensure the welfare of the animals under our care BVS employ cohorts of suitably trained and qualified technical & veterinary staff.

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Home Office accreditation

Under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 BVS must ensure that:

  • the fabric and environment of the approved areas meet or surpass the minimum provisions of the appropriate Home Office Code of Practice
  • the environment, housing, freedom of movement, food, water and care provided for each animal are appropriate for the animal's health and well-being (Section 10[6B])
  • the physical environment, standards of care and accommodation, and environmental conditions in which animals are bred, kept or used are checked daily by a competent person
  • the well-being and state of health of animals are monitored at least daily by a suitably qualified person and timely action taken to prevent unnecessary or avoidable pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm (Section 10[6B])